Natural environment. Historical-cultural aspects. Stargazing. Gastronomy. Photography. 

My ideal itinerary

All the itineraries developed by AtacamAdventures are united by five aspects that distinguish each proposal:

Natural environment

Historical-cultural aspects




These common salient features are the result of the following key questions.

How can we remember any life experience as unique and exciting?
What kind of sensations do you need to experience to be able to savor a particular moment and imprint it in our mind?

First of all, it is essential to be in tune with the context in which you find yourself. Then, a great help is given by strong emotions that, in whatever context we feel them, they are never forgotten. Strong emotions are in connection with the exclusivity of the itinerary that, in most cases, does not take part in the classic tourist programs or is modified and made unique of its kind. The exclusivity that distinguishes the spirit of AtacamAdventures lies right in the 5 aspects that outline the character of each itinerary, which is perfected by the “discovery of the typical”, revealing the secrets of Chile, from typical gastronomy and natural environment to the historical-cultural aspects that distinguish the several stages of each itinerary, trying to get as much deep into the natural context as possible.
In addition to exclusivity, these five elements are enclosed by another strong value, the spirit of adventure.
The union of these five elements aims to make our hearts beat faster, letting us be pervaded by unforgettable emotions, amazement and satisfaction.

Description of the itineraries

San Pedro de Atacama
Los Flamencos National Reserve

Discovering the landscape and natural secrets of the heart on the north

If your intention is to discover the secrets of the landscape of the region of Norte Grande, this is your ideal itinerary. An exclusive adventure in the heart of the Atacama Desert, where huge volcanoes, beautiful valleys and colorful lagoons will make your heart beat faster. An itinerary that will allow you to discover the true potential of Los Flamencos Natural Reserve, a popular destination for many travelers in search of strong emotions, with San Pedro de Atacama, the most touristic Chilean town, as our resting place. The altiplanic salt lakes and lagoons will be the main destinations of the tour, to which we will dedicate time, photos and that we will explore as far as possible, trying to delve into the natural context, thanks to the valuable intervention of an expert guide and a driver at our disposal throughout the itinerary. These strong emotions at high altitudes, often above 3500 meters, will therefore be accompanied by a rich explanation of the salient features that distinguish this area of ​​the Atacama desert, responsible for its uniqueness.

The Andine Plateau

Colors and landscapes at the extreme limits of the Andine plateau

If your purpose is discovering the beauty and the limits of the landscapes of the Andine plateau, then this is your ideal itinerary. An exclusive adventure tour, outside of any tourist route, at altitudes often higher than 4000 meters. Reaching areas unknown to most tourists letting ourselves be carried away by the colors and immensity of the most isolated and unspoiled areas of the Andean plateau will be the primary purpose of this itinerary, which extends from the city of La Serena to the city of Copiapó, capital of the region of Atacama. The first part of the tour will be dedicated to the Elqui Valley, which is one of the most famous Chilean valleys known for its viticulture and for the quality of the night skies. The rest of the itinerary will be dedicated to the exploration of the Altiplano, sometimes approaching the Argentine border. We will reach and enter the Los Huascoaltinos Natural Reserve, discovering one of its most spectacular natural secrets, Laguna Grande. The city of Copiapó, the beating heart of the region of Atacama, will be our starting point to reach Nevado Tres Cruces National Park, of which we will discover all the natural attractions, from Salar de Maricunga and Laguna del Negro Francisco to Laguna Verde, close to the Argentine border. The whole itinerary will be accompanied by the intervention of an expert guide and a driver.

The Extreme North

Discovering the natural marvels of the extreme north of the Atacama Desert

In the northernmost area of ​​Chile, large reserves and natural parks are waiting to be explored. Huge volcanoes, colorful mountains and salt lakes paint the landscapes of the extreme north, a crossroads of villages and an important seat of the traditional culture. In this itinerary we will travel along isolated roads, starting from Calama towards north, getting closer and closer to the peruvian border, delving into the part of the Andean plateau that extends along the border between Chile and Bolivia. Alto Loa National Reserve, Volcán Isluga National Park, Las Vicuñas National Reserve and Lauca National Park will be our green destinations that we will explore by walk and by visiting beautiful typical urban realities still unknown to many. Once we have absorbed the scenic and natural magic of this area of ​​the Atacama Desert, the itinerary will lead us to two among the most fascinating urban areas of northern Chile: Arica and Pica. It will be near Iquique where we will discover the truth about Saltpetre, a mixture used for the production of gunpowder and therefore the main reason for the merciless mining and exploitation activity that marked the last decades of the nineteenth century in this area of ​​the country. The whole itinerary will be accompanied by the intervention of an expert guide and a driver.

The Elqui Valley

Discovering the true values of the most important chilean valley

Known as one of the most fascinating and symbolic valleys of Chile, the Elqui Valley encompasses unique landscapes and cultural values, representing a valid beginning to discover the real salient features of the country: Astronomy, the production of typical wines and Pisco and the typical landscape. The real intent of this itinerary is to make people understand the importance of these values ​​that distinguish this area of ​​the region of Coquimbo through a direct approach to the typical reality of this long Chilean valley, from the city of La Serena to the small artisan village of Horcón. After a first visit to the city of La Serena, we will delve into the valley, visiting some of the most famous and typical urban realities. We will visit some famous Pisco distilleries where you can make a clear idea of the whole production process of Pisco, its historical background and its importance as a national symbolic product. We will observe with a telescope the most fascinating astronomical objects of the southern hemisphere under the best night sky in the world. The itinerary will end with a visit to Pingüino de Humboldt National Reserve, about two hours north of the city of La Serena. The whole itinerary will be accompanied by the intervention of an expert guide and a driver.

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