Your door to an exclusive experience in the Atacama Desert

AtacamAdventures is synonymous with adventure, exclusivity and discovery. It is the result of a precise travel method based on a direct and intense approach to the typical values ​​of Chile, an approach with a high emotional density.
A perfect fusion between the spirit of Adventure and the strong high-altitude emotions that only the Atacama Desert can transmit, offering you an intense approach to the reality of Chile.
If you are looking for strong emotions, boundless spaces and total immersion in local history and culture, then AtacamAdventures welcomes you. Exclusive tailor-made itineraries, giving priority to your ideal as a traveler, in any area of ​​the great colorful desert.

The real intent of AtacamAdventures?

Make your heart beat through strong and unique emotions that you will not forget, in the hope that you will be able to recognize yourself and feel in tune with the environment that surrounds you and with new travel companions who share your ideal habitat and with whom you will share impressions, ideas and unique moments.
These strong emotions, connected with the exclusivity of the itineraries, will be the key and the real means by which AtacamAdventures will be able to transmit you the most complete knowledge of the place.

The ultimate goal?

Being able to make you feel satisfied, grateful and much richer in knowledge.
You’re welcome!

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